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GDPR For Hotels
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digital technology in hotels

Customers’ first perception of a hotel is a digital one, and we suck at it

Fascinating article in the Hotel News Now website this week, where hotel tech chiefs bemoan the way the hotel industry lags behind in terms of technology.  But are they right?

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ears are listening

Ears A Data Breach

Do you have employees taking card payments over the phone or in person at a customer desk?  After you’ve read this post, go and listen to what is happening.

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Loyalty, Technology and Marketing – The Success Trilogy For Hotels Today?

Loyalty, technology and marketing are all important for the success of the contemporary hotelier.  Yet there is a fourth item which underpins all of these.  Ignore it at your peril.

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“We Don’t Share Your Personal Data”

It’s a statement which appears on many hotel website privacy pages.  Yet if you run an independent hotel business, it is unlikely to be true.  Are you misleading your customers?

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you've been hacked

100,000 Passwords You Shouldn’t Use

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK has just published a list of 100,000 passwords known to be unsafe. Would you like to see if your password is on it?

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data privacy priority

For When Personal Data Privacy Isn’t Your Priority

Let’s face it, if you run a hotel there are enough challenges.  Protecting personal data and managing the privacy of customers and staff just isn’t a priority.

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US Lawyers Quick To Act Against Marriott

With almost breathtaking speed two US law firms have filed class action lawsuits against Marriott following their recent data breach.

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500,000 Hotel Guest Records Involved In Data Breach

Marriott announced today that the guest reservation database of its Starwood hotels has been compromised.

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Stormy Data Privacy Weather For Airlines

Cathay Pacific have become the latest airline to succumb to a breach of personal data.  Who will be next?

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Hard Brexit – Bookings No More?

It appears as though the chances of a hard Brexit have steadily increased over the past few weeks.  While the chances of hard Brexit happening are still only rated at between 10 and 20%, the implications

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