Hotel – GDPR For Hotels


The GDPR readiness process for a hotel of any size is going to be a significant project.  It might force you to consider the nature of your operations in a way you haven’t done before.

The important point for you to remember is that you need to start by examining the way things work today.

It could be that many of your existing personal data processes are already compliant with the requirements of GDPR.  Or at least only need slight adjustment to get them there.

At GDPR for Hotels we want the readiness project to be as efficient as possible for our customers.  Whilst the 21 stage readiness project might feel like a lot, carrying out the initial stages properly could lead to the latter stages being relatively easy for you to conclude.

This section of the members website is intended to act as an example or a discussion primer for various operating elements, particularly of the online part of your business.  A lot of the work, some of the confusion and much of the difficulty will come from making your online efforts and data collection compliant with the GDPR. These pages might not always come up with the right answers for your hotel, but they might help to offer directions or hints about how to tackle the issues you face.