About Us – GDPR For Hotels

About Us

The about us page of your website has two jobs to do.

Both of them are related to trust, which ought to be your main reason for upgrading your processing of personal data.

About Us – Job No.1

Job number 1 is all about making it clear exactly who you are.  As a business, as a limited company, this is quite dull.  However it is important that you get the detail right.  Business name, trading name, address, company registration number.  All stuff that will appear in several pages of your website, such as terms and conditions or your privacy policy.

About Us – Job No.2

Job number two is about letting your hair down a bit and indulging your customers.  This is the job some hotels could do better.  Job number two is all about telling the reader WHY they should trust you and WHY they should buy from you.

Too many hotels have websites which appear to have forgotten that the primary job is to secure bookings.  Fancy pictures are used to mask the fact that the sales copy on the website is usually awful.  This page is your opportunity to tell people about why you are different and introduce them to the experience of staying with you.  You can go into more detail on your product specific pages for your rooms, restaurant, bars and offers.  But your About Us page is, I would suggest, a foundation block for trust.  In the digital economy trust means sales.

Tell Them What They Will Get

The words you use here are likely to be copied and pasted into the description fields of all the online travel agent website you use.  So if you are boring on this page, you’ll soon become boring on an international scale.  And that’s not good.

Instead you can talk a little about what it’s going to feel like to be a customer at your hotel.  What the welcome is like, the fragrance, the atmosphere.  Whatever it is you do that you’re proud of, that you can phrase in terms the reader will appreciate – all about themselves and what they’re going to get.  Not all about you.

In terms of the GDPR, the About Us page could be regarded as almost an irrelevance.  Apart from making it clear exactly who you are as a business (which you will repeat throughout the website every time you capture data), this page appears to do nothing else.

But it does.  It is a page where no data capture takes place.  No overt sales promotion happens.  The visitor to the page isn’t expecting to find words designed to entice them to want to know more.  All the more reason for you to reward them with some gentle, trust building encouragement to stay on your website for a little longer.