Breach Notification – GDPR For Hotels

Breach Notification

You will cover Breach responses, handling and notification in a specific stage of your Readiness Project.

You may decide to have a Breach Notification page on your website, so that people can tell you about suspected data breaches.  You might have one on a page such as this.

But people don’t have to play the breach notification game by your rules.  People raising breach issues can tell you any way they like.  So if it is possible to communicate with you in a particular way, you need to be listening for the messages.

How Can People Raise A Breach Issue With Your Hotel?

  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Website form
  • Linkedin message
  • Facebook message
  • Twitter message
  • Some other social media message
  • In person
  • Text message
  • Letter

This isn’t an exclusive list.  The more methods you use for reaching out to customers or being contacted, the more will be available for use by people reporting issues to you.

Listening out for reports of data breach needs to happen throughout your business.  So that employees and contractors know how to report and escalate issues to the right people.