Cookies – GDPR For Hotels


Cookies As Personal Data

A “cookie” in the context of a website, is a small text file.  It is placed in your web browser by a website when you visit it.

There are different types of cookie.  Some are necessary just for the website to work and are not intrusive.  Others remember what you were doing.  This can be benign, if it is simply remembering the products you have selected to buy in your online shopping cart.  Or it can be quite sinister, when adverts appear to be following you around the internet, even after you’ve made a purchase of the item they promote.  It makes you wonder just how much online companies know about your behaviour.

Most websites nowadays use cookies in one form or another.  In the context of this website, there are cookies to indicate whether or not you are logged in as a member and cookies which track your movement around the website.

The GDPR defines cookies as personal data.  In that it is possible to identify an individual using data contained in some cookies.

Your website people should be able to guide you through the slightly murky world that is “cookie compliance”.  There is a brief discussion of the subject on the counterpart of this page in the “Sort Let” section of this website.

If you need any help, we have an interesting little tool that can analyse your website, produce a cookie report and allow you to place cookie controls with a minimum of fuss.