About Us – GDPR For Hotels

About Us

“About Us” – Is All About You (well, sort of)

Short let hospitality businesses are all about the stay experience.  This is a fact exploited and expanded by AirBnB in particular.  It makes sense for you, as a short let proprietor, to take advantage of this.

If you operate your short let business remotely.  In other words you own it but somebody else does the work.  Then you ought to concentrate on the location, the surroundings and things to do nearby, followed by the comfort, utility and whatever else makes your property special.

If you are an integral part of the experience – you are the person who handles the bookings, you greet each guest when they arrive and show them around before leaving them to enjoy their stay – Then you can add a touch of your own character to this page of your website or extranet page.

It is unlikely you’ll be using your About Us page to collect or process any personal data, so you can let your imagination loose to a certain extent.

A Word Of Advice

I know it says, “…all about you…” above.  And to a certain extent this page is all about your business and what you do.  But you need to write the words on the page in the context of what your customer is going to get.  So it doesn’t read as though it’s all about you – instead it reads all about what they’re going to experience for the money you expect them to pay.

GDPR has little, if anything, to do with what you write and promote on this page – what matters here is good, compelling sales copy on the page.  It is not as easy as it sounds.