Privacy Policy – GDPR For Hotels

Privacy Policy

Make Sure It Reflects What You Actually Do

The GDPR sets some principles to be followed with your privacy policy.  There are key pieces of information it must contain and it should be written in plain English.  Gone are the days of the twenty page document written in nightmare legalese.

As businesses prepare themselves for GDPR readiness it seems reasonable to use documents based on templates.  Or possibly copied from other sources.  Indeed, there are a couple of examples available to you as part of your GDPR for Hotels membership.  However – you need to make sure you use them right.

You need to make sure the resulting document is an accurate reflection of what you do.  The problem with some template document sis that they are built for all eventualities.  As a small business, particularly in a specialist market such as holiday homes or city apartments, there will be a natural limit on the scope of your privacy related activities.  If you try to deploy a privacy policy culled from the website of a multinational hotel chain, it might suggest you do stuff you don’t actually have systems or evidence for.

If the unthinkable happens and you are the subject of an ICO inspection or a court action, officials will ask for copies of your policy documents.  Then they will go through them, line by line.

Example Privacy Policies

You will find example Privacy Policy documents in your Sharefile document storage.  As we get closer to the GDPR deadline, we will start to publish example clauses on these pages.