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GDPR Services for the Hospitality Industry

GDPR for Hotels offers a range of services designed for use by people who own, manage or work in a hospitality business.

The intent with most of these services is to equip you, as a hospitality professional, with the skills and knowledge you need to implement good personal data handling practice in your business.  Making your business ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Everybody involved with GDPR for Hotels has years of hotel experience.  We are also interested in personal data privacy issues.  We believe that customers and employees are entitled to expect high standards of protection when the industry processes personal data.  After all, as an industry we have a lot of customers and a lot of employees.  That means we are responsible for a great deal of personal information.  Not only is it ethical to have a positive attitude towards the handling of personal data that really belongs to private individuals, it is also a requirement of the GDPR.

People Power

GDPR gives private individuals – and that really means all of us as EU citizens – enhanced rights over the way their personal data is used.  This means that people have power to choose, power to demand certain behaviours of you.  It is a change in emphasis needed for the modern world.  Personal data is now a currency.  It has value to your customers and employees, value to your business and unhappily, value to criminals.  We all have a duty to protect personal data.  That’s what services from GDPR for Hotels will help you to do.

Services To Keep You Up To Date

The GDPR for Hotels range of services are designed to suit a wide range of hospitality business.  The way we deliver them to you makes them future proof for as long as you maintain your membership.  There are new pieces of legislation either on or just over the horizon.  As members, we’ll keep you right.

Additional Services

The foundation GDPR for Hotels services are detailed elsewhere on this website.  Additional services are available or will be introduced as we move forward.  So if you feel you need something a bit more involved, or you need to accelerate your progress towards GDPR Readiness, do get in touch.  There are ways.

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GDPR and Hotel Marketing

Being ready for GDPR should have a positive effect on the marketing of your hospitality business.  It emphatically supports a technique known as “permission marketing” – a method for getting better results from your marketing efforts.  If you think you might want to use the GDPR Readiness exercise as a way to improve your profits, let us know.  There are some ways we can help.