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We are a British Data Privacy Management Agency specialising in serving independently owned hotels and hospitality businesses.

GDPR for Hotels provides a full Data Protection Act and GDPR readiness service which supports your own business objectives.  It takes you beyond “compliance” to make personal data privacy really work for your business.

Helping you to grow your business and keep a clear focus on ROI.  Allowing you to take your rightful place in the modern data economy.

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At GDPR for Hotels we understand the particular challenges faced by owners and managers of independently owned businesses.

There is too much to do and never enough time.

Return on every investment matters.

Yet what is most important is still your ability to attract customers and skills to your business.  Recent changes to the rights of individuals over how you can use their personal data have brought new challenges.

Your new data management skills will make a real contribution in this regard.  You will be able to create and build the trust you need if you are to attract the employees you want. So they can use their skills to look after the customers you need to continue your business success.

You can only achieve these goals if you make them part of your ongoing data privacy management.  This is what allows you to take your place in the modern data economy and realise the true value of your data assets.  Using data privacy and protection to enable your  business growth.

So don’t struggle with the problems of vendor management, incident responses, record keeping, data mapping or employee awareness.   Don’t be stuck wondering what to put in your privacy notice.  With GDPR for Hotels, you can have access to a flexible range of systems, tailored to your specific business needs.  It gets you ready to take advantage of the upside of GDPR and Data Privacy to take your rightful place in the modern data economy.

All supported by people who know exactly what it’s like to own and run a small business, because that’s exactly what they did before becoming Privacy Professionals.

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